In the Lagoon

Scuba Diving :
We'll give you the contact of a Diving Club partner sending you a complete service providers list.

Whale (July to October) and dolphin watching
Tel/Fax: (+689) 40 56 23 22
Mail :

Leisure Day Lagoon/Swimming pool :
We'll propose you a choice of 1 or 2 hotels with different standards where it is possible to use their equipment and their beach by having a meal at their restaurant.

On land

Trekking :
Patrick Albert : Cellular: (+689) 87 78 82 06

Flora discovery :
Lycée Agricole d'Opunohu
Visit the estate for free.


Immerse yourself in the Polynesian culture:
Painapo Beach : Traditional oven and Polynesian dancing
P.K.33 Haapiti côté mer
Tél : 89 28 33 70 / 87 28 33 70

Traditional dances :
Hotel Manava Suite & Spa (Maharepa).
Wednesday and Saturday at 07h30 PM, free entrance, correct dress required.

Restaurants and cheap food.

Pizzeria/Take away: "Chez Luciano" (Maharepa).
Phone: (+689) 40 56 15 20

We'll send you a service providers list indicating their contacts (Website, e-mail and phone Numbers) upon your booking.
Of Course, you can ask us if you are looking for specific activities.