Plan your trip in French Polynesia.

Coming to Polynesia

After a trip whether by :

to reach French Polynesia a stay in Moorea, real gem set upon a Turquoise-blue lagoon, will be a must.
It's the dream destination for your holidays: near Tahiti and far from the modern agitation.
Moorea possess all the virtues to revitalize yourself even for a week-end !

Coming to Moorea

To cross the 17 km which split it up from Tahiti you will have the choice between 2 boats companies :
Aremiti ou Terevau
and 1 of airplane:Air Tahiti.

Discovering Moorea

The 60 km of road where the speed is limited at 60 km/h will allow you to discover fantastic landscapes whether you visit the island by car, scooter or bicycle.
The spectacular landscape is all over the place, with almost unfrequented quite white sand beaches.
The lagoon wildlife is rich and you'll enjoy many aquatic activities.
Snorkeling, rental boats, jet-ski, kayaks, scuba-diving, whales watching (July to end of October ), dolphins watching, ray feeding, kite-surf and surf : all is possible according with your envy and your budget.
Hiking in the heart of the caldera you'll find a generous luxuriant nature. The ancient Polynesian built their housing and religious centers, all around “Le Belvédère” where are situated the main preserved Archeological sites.
Through the hiking trails running in the rainforest during your hiking (by foot, horse or quad), the guides will take you on a journey to discover our treasures and Island beauty.
The Rotui, Mou'a Ro'a, Mou'a Puta, Cook's Bay and Opunohu Bay are perfectly recognizable and make Moorea famous and are a pleasure for any photograph.


Here, simplicity and relaxation is a must.
No clothing constraint, so “proper attire” means just not being barefoot and not being in swimsuit when you're going to a restaurant or a shop.
Further you may take only summer clothing and a sweatshirt for the evenings on cool season.


Tropical, hot et humid
Prevailing wind : Trade wind
2 seasons :
March to the end of November : dry and cool (18°C à 27°C)
From December to March : hot and humid (24°C à 32°C), called "rainy" season. In return, it's also the season during which all fruit trees produce in profusion and you can taste a lot of different fruits.
Seasons are different from one year to another. January and February are the hottest and the humidity rate reach more than 90 %.
Cyclonic hazards are low in French Polynesia apart from important “Niño” years. To minimize the risks of cyclonic hazards, it is better to stay in a solid indoor accommodation like the one we offer, particularly as we have a good knowledge of the climate in French Polynesia.
To follow the climate news you can see this site (in french)

Other information.

Time zone

Local Time : UTC -10


XPF (Pacific Francs)
International debit cards are accepted in most shops.
Withdrawal from a cash machine :
- maximum of XPF 35,000 by period of rolling 7 days with Visa Card or Mastercard/Eurocard.
- maximum of XPF 100,000 by period of rolling 7 days with Visa Premium or Mastercard/Eurocard Gold.


The price is the same in all stations.